An opening scene re-scored from the film "The Physician". The orchestra uses traditional instruments and a slightly exotic melody, which then swells into a more traditional score to set the tone for the rest of the movie.


The warm sound created from the piano, flute and strings combination, in addition to the delicate synth sounds that follow provide an apt description of the emotional connotation in this scene, which is re-scored from the movie "Carol".

The discordant sound of the electric guitar and the beautiful harp melody contrast in this piece, which increases the feeling of dread in this scene re-scored from the Taiwanese movie "The Tenants Downstairs".


The combination of the synths and fierce pizzicato in the stings enhances the disparity between the chaotic beginning and the calm that follows in this modern experimental film, "Words".


The music here is reminiscent of music from classic american animation, and uses a diverse orchestra to create a fun and exciting atmosphere in the short animated film, "Goodnight Boon".

The intense, pulsating rhythm in the string section, along with synth percussion and a strong bass line intensifies the scene and helps to draw the viewer into the action. A re-score of a clip from "I Am Legend".

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