Opening Scene


An spectacular opening scene re-scored from movie "The Physician" in orchestra, with exotic traditional instrument as melody show an ancient legendary story.​

Emotional Scene


The warm sound made by piano, flute and strings plus the delicate synth sound provide an 

​exquisite description of the emotional connotation in this scene re-scored in movie "Carol".

Horror Scene

Using different sounds made by electric guitar and the beautiful harp melody which increase the horror feeling in the scene re-scored in the Taiwanese movie "The Tenants Downstairs".

Modern Animation

Expressing the Modern art style by the unique sound made by synths and fierce string pizzicato especially enhances the comparison of the chaotic in the beginning and the piece that appear in the end after digesting all the mental torment and confusion.  

Funny Animated Short Film

An exciting and interesting adventure played with diverse sound of orchestral music create a vivid and fantastic atmosphere. 

Chasing Scene


The music with intense rhythm played by strings, synth percussions and strong brass sound create the chaotic scene of hunting in this destroyed city. 


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